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iPhone 4 Screen Replacement – How To Replace Digitizer, Glass Cover and Display?

If you are pretty sure that the display on your iPhone 4 is broken, this is the time to replace the entire front portion of the device. Generally, this model comes with a glass cover, a digitizer, which is the touch sensitive portion of the screen and the LCD screen. All these things are integrated as a single place. Perhaps, among these things that composes of the screen in your device, the glass is visible cracked and if you find that the screen is not responding properly when it is touched, Apple can do the iPhone 4 screen replacement for you in 3-5 business days.

Generally, Apple states that they will provide you with a replacement or your own repired iphone, when this type of problem occur. This means that they do not give you any guarantee that you will get your own phone with appropriate replacement to you again. Furthermore, they charge around US$149 for this service and also you will have to pay around US$7 for shipping and sales tax as well. But, you need not have to worry as there are third party service providers, who offer this service not only at an affordable cost, but also with quicker turnaround time as well. As the replacement kits are readily sold by some websites online, you can take care of the replacement task by yourself or with the help of your friend without having to pay huge sum for a repair service.

However, the important point to remember here is that the battery in iPhone 4 is easy to replace. But, the iPhone 4 screen replacement is definitely not an easy task. This is because it needs the individual to disassemble and reassemble the entire device and several smaller parts should also be shifted from the older screen to the newer one. So, it is recommended to take professional help, rather than engaging on the task by yourself. But, you can take care of the task by yourself if you have some technical knowledge.

The great news to you at this juncture is that once you purchase the replacement unit from a reliable store online, you can find video guidance for replacement over the internet and you can closely watch these videos to take care of the task by yourself. This will save you the money you will have to pay towards a professional repair service and you can be rest assured about the safety of your battery and your data present in the device.

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