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Bradley Associates News Blog Information: What Internet Technology and Social Media will allow us to do in the Future

If there is an area which changes rapidly by the day, it is technology and as it is now applied in information and communication tools as the Internet, smartphones, TV and radio.

A few years back, people depended solely on the land phone to get in touch with others. Today, things are much faster and more personal with video-chatting and real-time interaction through short-messaging. What more innovation can we achieve beyond these conveniences we enjoy today? What are the expected innovations in IT and Internet technology?

Here is a couple of some deliciously good news:

1. Internet-capable mobile devices are definitely in for good

There is no doubt about it - and most people know it is so. Being able to monitor and control your home, your appliances, keep it secure and communicate with loved one more efficiently wherever you are through your cell-phone or tablet may still be a luxury for the moneyed; but in the near future it will be as common as having a digital camera in every cell-phone.

This empowering capability will be a game-changer as it will allow people to practically do previously hands-on chores as cooking, laundry, shopping and cleaning by remote-control using Internet-capable gadgets. If you have seen drones deliver pizza or beer right at a person’s doorstep; how hard will it be to have anything delivered even while you are not at home through a robot-retriever that runs out a tiny kitchen-door hole and back. Or maybe by opening the garage door for bigger stuff to be accommodated. (Worry not about burglars as you can also buy a robot-Rottweiler!)

Through the use of robots or robotics technology, mothers can do their laundry even when they are out on vacation. Technology will be able to simulate formerly manual and specialized tasks as preparing and baking pecan pie by providing the machines and tools to allow remote cooking and baking.

And if we will have our way, all those tasks will be all done through voice command. We will be chatting not just with humans but with machines and robots as well. As to how soon and how successfully robots will be able to achieve human proficiency levels, that is still the big question. With present robotic advancements, however, it is only a matter of time. Perhaps, the next generation will be laughing at us today for even asking this question. Consider how we now laugh at the old, heavy tote-phones of the early ‘90s.

2. Breaking down personal and international walls

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, predicts that social networking will bring people closer. He said, “When people are more open, they’re more engaged, and they tend to be more empathetic. They become more of a global citizen.” He concluded that technology that promotes open communication will help us “move forward as a species”.

When the Berlin Wall fell, the unification of Europe became inevitable. With the Internet, the global unification of all nations will not be far in the future. If any person now can communicate, interact and establish close or intimate ties with another person with practically no cultural or social limitations, it only means that a small global community now exists that has no official name other than the “worldwide web” which has no rules or laws to govern it other than our innate human desire to be one with others and to be accepted as we are without regard to wealth, religion, age or even individual peculiarities.

Social networking, although not many realize it now, allows us to establish a virtual nation that is ruled by the ancient and undying principles of love, compassion, kindness, acceptance and fellowship. For such a vision, we already owe Internet technology and social networking so much. Where it will lead us from hereon will depend on how we all work together to make it a stable, long-lasting reality and legacy for the next generations.


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