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The Many Advantages of Using a Cloud Service Provider

The world is constantly changing, but often we get focused on what we are doing and don’t see the opportunity or the need to change with it. This is a great shame as often, going with the flow ensures more efficiency and is more cost effective than missing out. One change that many people who embraced computers are missing out on is using a cloud service provider, even though there are many advantages of doing so.

For a start, setting up computers for a small business of between 1-50 employees can be really expensive. You often need to outsource IT work, or employ your own IT staff so that when there is a problem you can get it fixed as soon as possible. You need to have those computers networked; security put into place and so on. Then a year or two later you have to do it all over again as your hardware and software becomes outdated.

But when you have a cloud based provider that is all unnecessary, as you get access to the latest software as soon as you log onto the Internet. Even when you change the computers, your virtual desktop stays the same so there is no time lost in re-learning everything. You don’t have to worry about backing up or security because this is all done for you. If you lose your computer due to a natural disaster, all your documents and files are still in the cloud ready for you to access them from another computer or electronic device.

The cloud hosted virtual desktop is as easy to use as the one you are using right now. It is run from the cloud and only your keystrokes, the display and the mouse movements pass through the network; everything else is in the cloud. All work is backed up and encrypted every 24 hours and stored offline for additional security. If your computer is stolen or your hard drive crashes, it doesn’t matter because everything is still in the cloud and you can access it all from another computer straight away.

When you take advantage of desktop as a service you know you are getting the best security and service ever. You pay a monthly fee that is highly affordable considering the savings you make on all those services you now don’t have to buy separately.

It is rather like having your very own IT technician on hand 24/7 to deal with any problems that might arise immediately – if they haven’t already fixed it before it became a problem. What more could you want?

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By: Michy Richies

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