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How And Why Green Homes Are Better Than Traditional Homes?

As the prices of electricity, gasoline and home heating have gone through the roof and adverse effects of climatic changes are being largely felt, more and more people are interested in utilizing electricity generated from cost effective fossil fuels and other renewable sources. One of the ways to save energy, which is getting immensely popular among a wide group of people, is living in green homes. Unfortunately, not each one of us knows how and why green homes are better than traditional homes, as a result of which many are still living in conventional homes. If you are also one of those who have not opted for a green lifestyle yet, then read on to know what makes green or eco friendly homes better.

• Bathroom – When it comes to that part of a house where highest water consumption takes place, bathroom would certainly top the list. So, by saving water here, one can make significant cutback on their monthly water bill. Eco friendly bathrooms use dual flush toilets that use lesser water than regular toilets. Moreover, aerators are installed on the shower heads and faucets to save water. The best part is that they provide same efficiency as regular showers and faucets without raising your water bills.

• Kitchen – Kitchen is one of those parts of a house which consume highest amount of energy. So, by making it green you can apparently save a lot of energy. Green or eco friendly kitchens use energy star labeled appliances, which are highly energy efficient. The faucets installed in these kitchens do not leak, the dishwashers are highly water efficient and the cabinets or drawers are made using locally grown renewable materials, rather than tropical hardwood. Thus, they save more energy and water in comparison to traditional kitchens.

• Laundry – After bathroom, the second largest water consumer in a house is the laundry. To save water in this department, green homes promote the use of washing machines having energy star rating on them. In addition, making certain changes in the washing habits is also advisable. For instance, you should always use cold water wash cycle, because almost eighty percent of the energy consumed by a washing machine is used to heat the water.

There are also many other features of green homes, which make them a better option than conventional homes. For example, eco friendly houses generally have larger windows made from a double paned glass, which help reduce the heating and cooling bills. Besides, walls of a green home are usually painted with lighter colors, such as off white, beige, sage green etc, so that you do not need to switch on the light bulbs during the daytime. Also, the insulation in these houses is made from recyclable materials that are not perilous for your health and for the environment. If you cannot afford to purchase a new house at present, then green up your current house by making a few eco friendly changes mentioned above.

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