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Bring the Best Education Outcomes and Workforce Planning to the Community

For many years our country had jobs for everyone, but in the past few decades this has all changed. In fact around the world the deregulation of economies and the opening of trade barriers has meant that while some have profited hugely, many more have lost out. With community workforce planning projects that are aimed at helping people get the skills they need and fostering the jobs they can do, by making both ends meet, we can help create a better and more productive society for all of us.

This disconnect between education and employment is a huge part of the problem. While many of our youth struggle through school it only becomes worse when they leave and look for a job only to realise that they do not have the skills or abilities needed for the few jobs on offer. We as a society are failing our youth at the moment, we are not ensuring that education and employment match up.

Fortunately, while the state and national level are failing us in these areas, there are initiatives and organisations that are bypassing the political actors and are focused on making real changes at the community level.

These organisations are intent on achieving real gains, on addressing regional skills shortages in the key sectors and in making changes that are supported by industry and service providers. They are at the coal face providing interaction between formal training institutes and future employers. They help with on site enterprise training by registered and group training organisations for jobs in local government and the mining industry.

They work with all the various stakeholders to ensure that everything matches up, they help children get the skills and advice they need to get the jobs that are available, they talk with local employers to find out what is required and how more jobs could be generated. Thanks to these organisations we are seeing community regeneration, we are seeing hope where before there was only despair.

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By: Jonni Jackson

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