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Exciting Tiger Safaris Allover India Makes Stay at National Parks Ever Memorable!

India is a country full of natural diversities. So vast is its span that it has almost all sorts of geographical and natural marvels, extending from the Himalayas in the north to the seas and oceans down south, from lakes to gorges, volcanic plateaus to lush green plains, rivers and dense forests. When we talk of forests, India has been a very rich place to visit. We can easily recall the documentation of Indian forests in the books by Jim Corbett, the famous English hunter. A journey through them can excite many explorers and adventurers to plan for wildlife tours in India.

The collection of varieties of tigers has been the pride of India since long. The ancient royal drawing rooms used to have tiger skins on display as a mark of bravery! However, poaching and unauthorized tiger killing have vastly depleted the tiger count in India. Only a few tiger safari in India are left today that protect them from further anguish of human race. The depletion of tigers has affected the environment to a large extent too. Thus, tiger safaris in India have the prime objective to protect the creature from getting killed.

As a result, the tiger safaris in India are no more areas of free movement. The visitors, both Indian and foreigners, are restricted to visiting only a few specific locations where the rare sight of a tiger is maximum. In the core area of a tiger safari in India, entry of visitors has been banned legally, in order to reduce disturbance and create a calm and quiet breeding environment for the tigers left. This reduces the fun for the visitors, especially those in the mood of adventure! But nevertheless, these restrictions are available chiefly for the sake of the remaining few creatures of this species!

Among the many wildlife tours in India at its different sanctuaries and national parks, the tiger safari Bandhavgarh is perhaps the most engaging. Situated in the heart of India, it enjoys a unique environment that is full of dense forest owing to the heavy rainfall in the area in monsoon. The dense forest is protected by armed guards and they inhibit the approach of poachers into the core area. Thus, tigers here get a conducive and peaceful environment that is safe! The local government and national tourism authorities have helped building up of tourist accommodations and good restaurants at certain selected locations in order to facilitate the ones coming for a visit. It is beyond doubt that your stay at tiger safari Bandhavgarh would be ever memorable. You can choose a jeep or elephant back for your safari, and the best time of visit is the winter (October to March).

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