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A Brief Overview On Applications And Use Of Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is the popular technique to reinforce the soil and perform slope stabilization. This method is mostly applied in uneven slopes, soil erosion and other problems that arise during construction of buildings. This successful technique consists of a long nails or rods that are inserted in the area to provide support. Huge machines drill the measured holes into slope or soil walls where the nails are inserted and grouted in place. These then stabilize the soil and promote a foundation of stable structure. This technique is used in wide variety of settings for new constructions or during repairs of old ones. Following are some of the applications offered by this procedure in these categories.

Fresh constructions

In this category the soil pegging offers different permanent applications that are used to create a stable surface for carrying new construction of buildings or places.

Slope stabilization

If the field where construction is carried on consists steep or uneven slopes that promote patchy foundation the nailing is applied. A rotary percussion rock drill first creates a hole of preferred diameter inside the earth of slope. Then the steel or metal nails which are also called as rebar are inserted, grouted from the top and fixed into the place. Depending on the length of slope more than 3 nails could be inserted to secure the entire area and promote stable base.

• Wall retaining

If the building company is performing excavation for development of structures, car parks etc the soil nail walls could be used to create soil retention. When the bars are inserted it promotes soil reinforcement which thereby helps in creating smooth and risk free terrain for construction.

• Prevention of soil erosion

The soil engineer could determine the risk of erosion in the soil of construction site. As this would pose great risk for impending structure the experts perform nailing where the bars are also coated with erosion resistant materials to work permanently.

Remedial applications

• Repair of walls

If the fasteners or other portions of a structure are damaged due to heavy soil corrosion and burden the nailing could be done to replace its effects. This would reinforce the soil and protect further deterioration of the earth walls.

• Stabilization of collapsed slopes

If the slope is not protected by proper support or undergoes calamitous movements it gets collapsed easily. The Soil nails are perfect solution to correct the collapsed slopes and buttress them with stronger bars that could tolerate any degrees of load or changes.

This technique offers many different benefits such as feasibility of work in constricted areas, permanency of work and many others. Therefore these offer the most practical solution to tackle any type of soil or slope problems.

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