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Benefits of owning a greenhouse

The benefits of a greenhouse are numerous. These atmospheric-controlled structures can range from small window-boxes to large walk-in buildings. They provide gardeners with opportunities to replicate specific climate conditions in order to grow a wide variety of plants.

A greenhouse extends the growing season because the amount of moisture, light, and temperature can be controlled. A gardener can plant seeds earlier in the year than she or he can in outdoor environments. Also, at the end of the growing season, plants can survive longer because they are not threatened by frost. The amount of natural light can be controlled by the physical placement of the structure as well as by incorporating reflective materials. Temperatures can be monitored and controlled by heat sensors, heaters, fans, and vents. Humidity levels can also be controlled.

These structures also allow gardeners to grow plants which may not be able to thrive naturally in the outdoor environment. For example, a grower in a dry, arid climate like Arizona, can create a humid, warm setting in which tropical plants can thrive. Also, exotic orchids can be grown in frosty northern regions. There are automated sensors, watering systems, misters, alarms, and roof covers available. The growing possibilities are only limited by the amount of money a gardener wishes to invest.

Pests and predators can be controlled more easily in these settings. Deer, chickens, moles, squirrels, slugs, and insects can wreak havoc on plants. In indoor environments, the plants are more protected from these pests. However, rodents may be able to burrow under walls, through vents or windows. Screens and traps are effective in preventing them from getting inside. Also, if a greenhouse does not have a solid floor, the structure should be monitored closely to ensure burrowing animals do not gain entry.

These enclosed structures also make it easier for gardeners to contain beneficial insects. For example, ladybugs are effective at controlling destructive mites and aphids. In outdoor gardens, ladybugs can be disrupted by strong winds. Also, they may decide to relocate when their favorite food supply runs out. These problems are effectively avoided in enclosed settings. To supplement the ladybug's diet, the gardener may plant some favorite herbs, such as cilantro, dill, and fennel.

In addition to providing a protected, climate-controlled environment for plants, these structures can enhance the gardener's pleasure. She or he does not need to stop gardening during periods of inclement weather or at night. More time may be spent in the garden, which can help produce healthier plants.

Greenhouses also have financial value. With the ever-increasing costs of fruits and vegetables, families can save money by growing their own food. In addition to the financial value, the health-conscious family can grow organically. Gardeners can control how their food is grown, and avoid using harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Many gardeners appreciate the multiple benefits of a greenhouse. These structures can be designed to duplicate any type of growing environment. They allow unusual, non-native plants to be nurtured in any setting. For example, they can allow cacti to thrive in cold, rainy climes, and ferns to survive in dry, hot regions.

For more information on greenhouse benefits and building a greenhouse, visit www.howtobuild-a-greenhouse.org.


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