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Your ISP Might Provide Free Usenet - Should You Pay For it Instead?

Many Internet users around the world rely on Usenet for their informational needs. Usenet allows users to post articles, access articles, and contribute to discussions. There are currently over 100,000 newsgroups on Usenet. Users can find information on any topic imaginable.

There are many free Usenet providers on the Internet. Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer free Usenet services to their users. There are severe limitations, however, in the way that this service is provided.

There are other Usenet providers that charge a fee for Usenet access, but who provide a much better experience to users. Premium Usenet service providers offer customers advanced news client software, lengthy retention standards, strong completion rates, encryption technology, excellent customer support, free trial periods, and additional features. Here are some details about the benefits that premium providers offer:

Advanced News Client Software
Premium providers offer news client, or ‘newsreader’, software that optimizes the search for users. These programs should come complementary with the purchase of a provider’s services. This sophisticated software drastically cuts down on time spent searching for articles and allows the user to manage their articles and easily make posts.

High Retention
ISPs simply cannot store all of the information that is exchanged on the Usenet system over a long period of time. They must frequently flush articles and posts out of their servers’ storage space. Free providers, therefore, cannot offer their users’ access to the high levels of retention that most users take for granted today. ISP newsgroup retention rates are severely limited to perhaps a few weeks, or sometimes just a few days.

Premium providers make a point of offering long retention periods. They upgrade their server networks so that their servers can go back several years in Usenet history.

Full Completion
Free services are often lacking in their ability to provide a high percentage of original articles to users.

Imagine that there were 10 articles written about a particular topic, and a user can only search and find six of the articles. This could be called a 60% completion rate. This means that 40% of the original articles are not present and not available to the user. Free services are notorious for having low completion rates.

Premium providers focus not only on long retention periods, but also on high completion rates. Users should look for providers that offer completion rates near 100%.

Encryption Technology
An ISP does not give users encryption technology. In fact, ISPs monitor and restrict user activity online.

Premium providers offer encryption technology that helps users overcome censorship restrictions and other barriers. This technology also allows users to experience high transfer speeds because users are able to bypass artificial bandwidth limitations.

Unlimited Access
Premium providers do not put a cap on access.

Excellent Customer Assistance
The best Usenet service providers offer customer assistance 24/7/365. Users should receive email responses from the support department in fewer than 10 minutes, or be able to talk to support representatives in real time using live chat sessions. Providers should promise quick feedback.

Free Trials
Many top-of-the-line Usenet providers allow users to try their services for a short time period before purchasing. Users should look for providers that offer a free trial period with no strings attached.

Additional Features
Some of the best Usenet providers offer additional benefits to customers as well. They may offer complementary VPN services, referral rewards, customer loyalty rewards, etc. Users should look for providers that offer a variety of benefits in a bundled, service package.

Internet users can access Usenet through their ISP, but they should know that an ISP does not provide an authentic Usenet experience. Premium Usenet providers offer advanced news client software, long retention periods, high completion rates, encryption technology, excellent customer support services, free trials, and additional features.


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