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Expect the Best Customer Service a Houston Data Center Can Offer

Never overlook the importance of excellent customer service. Excellent customer service is hard to define, but obvious when it isn’t there. Comparing customer service from one Houston data center to the next is difficult because there are different ways it can be approached. Many businesses overlook customer service because they assume there is minimal interaction with the staff once all of the servers are set up. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Communication Is Key to Excellent Customer Service

Undoubtedly, there will be times when customer support must resolve a number of issues. This is especially true if the facility is not located near the customer’s base of operations. In this case, virtual hands services and basic maintenance services will be used. Since there is minimal opportunity to talk face-to-face, effective communication over the phone or via live chat and email will determine how effective the customer service is. When selecting a Houston colocation center, a customer must focus on how quickly the facility responds to inquiries, how knowledgeable their staff is, and their overall availability. These variables provide a solid baseline of what to expect in the future.

Does Customer Service Follow through?

The next characteristic to evaluate is how well the customer support staff follows through on their promises. When choosing a Houston data center, communication itself is only half of the equation. If customer support cannot follow through with the agreed course of action, the results will be disappointing. This is particularly important when using a Houston data center that offers basic maintenance services.

Excellent Customer Service Saves Time and Money

There are an infinite number of characteristics to compare when selecting a facility. It is easy to overlook how high quality customer service improves the bottom line. The most important time for quality customer service is during an outage. Outages can relate to connectivity, power, or a server malfunction. A Houston facility with a poor track record of customer support leads to the servers going offline for an extended period of time. This will substantially disrupt workplace efficiency and lead to lost sales. The longer it takes for issues to be resolved, the more time and money will be lost.

Two Ways to Identify Quality Customer Service

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the quality of customer service at a Houston colocation center before becoming a customer. There are two unique characteristics Houston facilities with quality customer service have in common. They have long-term employees and well-trained staff. Companies which value their employees, also value their customers.


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