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Why the iPad and the VPN Go Well Together

Advantages of a VPN for iPad

One of the most popular features of iPads is constant connectivity. Users enjoy connecting to the Internet from their iPads on cellular networks private networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots. When accessing the Internet from an iPad, a user’s privacy and data are at risk, especially on unsecured public networks. By using an iPad VPN, the user’s data is secured and privacy is restored.

What is a VPN?

A “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) creates a dedicated secure tunnel between a user’s device and the Internet. All traffic sent to or from the device is encrypted and passes through the VPN server.

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a simple but powerful tablet computer. There is a growing community of software developers creating applications specifically for the iPad.

VPN for iPad

The iPad provides constant Internet access. This access makes the iPad prone to security risks. When the iPad is connected to Internet, any personal data transferred to or from it are accessible to malicious third parties. To safeguard privacy and data security, a VPN is recommended for every iPad user. An iPad VPN achieves data security by encrypting all data transfers and by masking the user’s IP address.

Advantages of a VPN for iPad

• An iPad VPN ensures the security and privacy of the user’s personal information. A VPN also safeguards the user’s identity.
• An iPad VPN encrypts all data transfers, thus stopping hackers.
• A VPN hides the original IP address of the iPad when it is connected to the Internet. This ensures that others cannot track the online activities of the iPad user.
• A VPN helps iPad users to access geographically restricted websites. Many websites only allows access to users from a certain geographical region. When connecting with an iPad VPN, users’ can choose where they want to appear to be browsing from.
• Countries like China block certain websites to their citizens. Those websites are accessible to their citizens who purchase an iPad VPN.
• A VPN secures online transactions. For example, when accessing financial information online, the VPN will ensure all usernames and passwords remain secure.
• An iPad VPN prevents Internet Service Providers from limiting connection speeds. Many ISPs use Deep Packet Inspection to see what users do online. They use this information to limit connection speeds. A VPN stops this practice.

There are many advantages to using an iPad VPN. As tablet computers grow in popularity, the necessity for secure personal VPNs will only become more important.


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