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Can't Access Your Favorite Sites On Your iPad? Get a VPN

A lot of iPad users get frustrated when they travel to a foreign country and cannot access their favorite websites. Many websites restrict access to users depending on location. The most common website restrictions apply to countries, where users outside a given country are not allowed access. However, a VPN for the iPad offers a solution.

One of the ultimate benefits for VPN users is the ability to access their favorite websites anytime, anywhere. Besides allowing users to bypass location based IP blocking, an iPad VPN also secures wireless connections on Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G networks.

How it works

A VPN replaces the user’s actual IP address with one associated with the VPN server. The user’s traffic will then be tunneled to the service provider’s VPN server in encrypted format. The users local ISP sees only a stream of encrypted data. Similarly marketers and search engines cannot use location data to alter the user’s online browsing experience.

All a user needs to do is sign up with a VPN service provider, select a country where the websites they want to connect to are located, and choose a VPN protocol. For most VPN for iPad service providers, setting up a connection only requires a few browser and network configurations. Users should be able to select either PPTP or L2TP/IPsec. PPTP is extremely fast but only has 128-bit encryption. It is also built in to most existing operating systems. L2TP/IPsec provides 256 bit encryption but requires additional CPU processing to encapsulate data twice.

Added benefits

A VPN not only enables users to access their favorite sites while abroad, it also provides added benefits. An iPad VPN enables users to access e-commerce sites and transact securely. Many country-specific e-commerce websites do not allow users with foreign IP addresses. The websites usually flag foreign IP s as fraudulent and deny them access. A VPN for the iPad helps users avoid this problem and transact securely on their favorite e-commerce sites.

The same applies to online payment systems like PayPal. A user’s account may be blocked if they try to access the account from a foreign country. VPN for iPad avoids this by assigning users their country IPs.

Other added benefits of VPN for iPad include protection of private information, faster access to restricted websites, and the ability to view websites in a specific language or currency.


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