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More about the San Jose Vet and Their Work

A vet is medical expert who provides various kinds of treatments for different animals. It is important for the pet owners to take their pets for regular check up.

A veterinarian or "vet" is a doctor who treats, or cares for, animals that are sick or injured. Veterinarians also prevent animals from getting sick. They work hard to help animals stay healthy. There many types of vets. Different types of vets care for different types of animals. Most vets care mainly for pets. Some vets treat farm animals. Others care for animals that live in zoos. Keep reading to learn more about vets and the types of animals they help. Some vets work indoors, and others work outdoors. Outdoor vets work in all kinds of weather. Wherever vets work, they need to wear clean, comfortable clothing. San Jose Vet often works with many animals each day. Some of the animals are sick. Vets must make sure they do not spread germs from one animal to another. They wash their hands before and after they touch an animal. Vets t work indoors often wears lab coats or long jackets that protect their clothes from various elements. Farm-animal vets wear rubber boots and coveralls, shown left, while they work in barns or outdoors in mud. Vets examine, or look carefully at, the bodies of animals.

Vets use many of the same tools and equipment the doctor might use to examine for human. An otoscope, shown right, is a tool that has a tiny light. The light helps the vet see inside an animal's ears. Harmful parasites, such as ear mites, might live inside an animal's ears! A vet uses a stethoscope, shown left, to listen to an animal's heart and lungs. A vet uses a hypodermic syringe and a needle to give an animal medicine and to take blood from an animal's body. A vet uses an ophthalmoscope to look closely at an animal's eyes. Most vets care for domestic, or pet, animals such as cats, dogs, and rodents. These vets work at clinics or places where medical care is given. Pet owners visit vets for regular checkups for their pet animals or when their pet animals are sick or injured. Pet owners make appointments for their pets and then take the pets to the clinics.

A san jose Vet examines animals to make sure they are healthy. The vet listens to each pet's heart and lungs. The vet also gives pets vaccines to protect them from diseases such as distemper. Distemper is a dangerous disease that causes animals to lose their appetites and become very sick. During a checkup, the vet examines an animal's teeth, ears, eyes, skin, and coat, or fur. He also looks for signs of diseases or parasites.

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