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It is always better to hire a professional and experienced arborist who is certified and licensed by the council.

Arborists are tree experts who specialize in all aspects of tree management (maintenance, tree reports etc). Most council requires a permit before a tree can be removed and they also have varying regulations on things such as height restrictions and prohibited plantings (such as trees that are considered weeds). In order to have a tree removed, the council could charge for providing the permit. If one need to have a tree pruned it is very important that he or she know the habits of that particular tree before he or she get out the saw. The future shape (try to keep it natural-looking), stability (uneven pruning can be a danger) and health (incorrect pruning can leave 'wounds') of the tree is at stake. Tree pruning is also a potentially dangerous business and can prove to be expensive. If that branch homeowner lop off falls on their neighbor’s shed — or worse still, on their neighbor — are covered by insurance? For all the reasons mentioned above, calling in a qualified San Jose Arborist if one needs major tree work done is one’s best and safest bet.

It is always sensible to check the qualifications of any professional that the homeowners are considering using and tree work is no exception. A lot of people who advertise tree-lopping services may come armed with a chainsaw but no great knowledge or even insurance. Always check that the 'tree person' is qualified to do the job homeowners/ customers are paying them for. As there are varying levels of qualifications for arborists, also one should check with the Arborists Association (contact details are in the 'Stay informed' chapter) to ensure that they hire an appropriately qualified person for the job one need doing.

Tree work is generally expensive as san jose arborist has high overheads such as insurance, tools and equipment. Tree work can also be very time-consuming, so it doesn't come cheap. To have an arborist remove a tree or make it safe can cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Some of the factors that determine the cost are the size of the tree; whether the stump and roots need to be ground out. If so, make sure that any quote homeowner or customer receive specifies if stump grinding is required; the ease of access to the tree; the proximity to the arborist's base as some will charge for travel time.

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