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More about the Fredericksburg Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

Fredericksburg Geothermal Heating and Cooling system is designed to use the constant, moderate temperature of the ground to provide space heating and cooling, or domestic hot water, by placing heat exchangers in the ground, or in wells, lakes, rivers, or streams. The basic types of geothermal systems are water and refrigerant based. The water-based system has closed-loop and open-loop options. The closed-loop system has water or water- antifreeze fluid pumped through polyethylene tubes. The open- loop system has water pumped from a well or reservoir through a heat exchanger, and then discharged into a drainage ditch, a field tile, a reservoir or another well. The refrigerant-based sys¬tem is also known as direct exchange where refrigerant flows in copper tubing around a heat exchanger Direct exchange repre¬sents only a small number of geothermal systems and the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute does not recognize these.

A geothermal system operates by pumping groundwater from a supply well and then circulating it through a heat ex¬changer where either heat or cold is transferred by a refrigerant, the water which has undergone only a temperature change is then returned through a discharge well back to the strata. Rivers, ponds, streams, and swim¬ming pools may be alternate sources of water. Rather than pumping the water up to the heat exchanger, a geothermal ex¬changer can be inserted into a lake, river, or other natural body of water to extract heal. To cool, the geothermal heat pump extracts heat from within the structure and transfers it to the fluid, where the heat dissipates into the ground as it circulates.

Another alternative is to insert a Fredericksburg Geothermal Heating and Cooling Freon exchanger directly into a well, where the natural convection of the ground¬water temperature, assisted by the normal flow of underground water in the strata, is used to transfer the hot or cold tempera¬ture that is required. Sometimes the thermal transfer must be as¬sisted by forcing the Freon to circulate through tubes within the well by a low-horsepower pump. A geothermal system may assist a solar system that uses wa¬ter as heat storage and transfer medium. After the water heated by solar collectors has given up enough heat to reduce its tem¬perature to below 100°F, this water becomes the source for op¬erating the geothermal system. When an adequate supply of water is unavailable, the ground, which always maintains a constant temperature below the frost line, can be used to extract either heat or cold.

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