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Skills to Buy Porcelain Tiles

It's Important to Select Good Tiles
In home decoration, floor tile amount is of many different brands, its size, quality and prices vary greatly, from a few dollars to tens of dollars, ranging from a few hundred dollars. When purchase, the first you have to consider the quality of the material, useful life, environmental protection, the poor quality of the unglazed porcelain tiles often have loose texture expansion coefficient of seasons and after installation they are likely to cause local swelling and deformation of the uplift. So, buy floor tiles, be sure to consider the multi-comparative, multi-measure, so as not to cause trouble in the future life and economic losses.

Factors to Consider on Porcelain Tiled Selection
Among numerous surface decoration materials, floor tiles have become the first choice of consumers. Because it has the features of solid texture, easy to clean up, and it is heat-resistant, and wear-resistant. The choice of tiles, mainly the following aspects should be considered: whether the non-slip. Quintana bricks are of varieties of tiles, such as the glazed porcelain tile , the polished tiles, seepage tile, bleed polished tiles, these tiles are not non-slip, especially in the elderly and children, must be done at the time of purchase the non-slip test , in order to avoid problems. Choose according to personal preferences. Based on personal preferences and functional requirements of the bedroom as well as site layout, you can choose from the specifications of the floor tiles, color and texture. Pick bricks should be of good quality, pick brick look by gently tapping the sintering strength, crisp sound without clouding its high firing temperature, good quality. In addition, attention should be paid to small pitting surface: glazed carved, if there is no trace left of available hard object, and the high quality of the crystal surface, high quality crystal skid degree is better than ordinary bricks.

Tips on Porcelain Tile Buying
Look at the face: a clear pattern, texture unified, smooth, special flowers bump consistent. The tone of harmony and unity, observe the feeling of full color, no color; See the size: regular size, not the size of the first angle accurately, cutaway is straight at four sides, founder, any of the corners on the same horizontal plane, should not become warped edge phenomenon; Look embryo color: embryo colors sensory white natural, very few impurities of raw materials, the thickness of the material is uniform, no obvious uneven thickness; See the packaging: beautifully packaged, strong, clear font printing, batch number color number clearly marked and clear packaging should be attached with factory inspection report, certificate and manual.

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