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Household Air Conditioner Market Development

Rapid Development of Chinese Air Conditioning Industry
China has now become the world's big air conditioning production manufacturing country. In the past 20 years, especially over the past decade, the Chinese air conditioning industry has expanded rapidly in the mid-1990s, exceeded the United States, and has become a global air conditioner manufacturing base in the late 1990s, exceeded Japan, the production and sales volume ranking first in the world. In 2002, China's air conditioner industry sales is nearly 70 billion RMB, the total output is more than 30.5 million units, accounted for 60% of global proportion. The air conditioning industry is the typical global industry, since 1993, the air conditioner exports in the growth rate is 66% on average, to become one of the fastest export growths in China.Central air conditioner in China export volume is more than 8 million units in 2002, with exports of nearly $ 1.3 billion, and after a decade of efforts, China's adjusted industrial competitiveness has increased greatly.

Residential Central Air-conditioning Market
In recent years, China's residential housing conditions improve faster, increasingly rationalize housing structure, gentrification, commercial area of over 100 square meters suites, duplex homes, senior apartments, villas increasing rapidly, either Ceiling Air Conditioner, window air, wall-machine or tank, are not achieve a multi-room room, while cooling or heating, to maintain the overall effect of temperature. It is able to provide a large area of central air conditioning thermostat. However, the large central air-conditioning facilities and complex, traditionally is high class hotels, luxury hotels special items, as the domestic household is difficult to enjoy the comfort of central air conditioning. Residential central air conditioning although is still in its infancy, but the popularity of higher-income cities exceptionally rapid pace.

Chinese Air Conditioning Industry Advantage
The comparative advantages of the Chinese air conditioning industry is mainly concentrated in labor-intensive manufacturing capacity, limited advantage, and with multinational competitiveness gap is also evident. Although the air conditioning export growth rate is extraordinary, but we cannot ignore the fact that above 40% air conditioner is the completion of the multinational production base in China. The vast majority of China's air conditioner exports for a multinational brand OEM processing with their own brand are less. Disorderly market competition environment is harsh, the air conditioning industry, but is still quite fragile. Air conditioning market competition situation is grim in 2003, the methods lie in the enterprises to reduce the impetuous, manufacture good products, adjust competitive strategy and improve technical capacity; society should leave the enterprise a relaxed external environment.

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