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Reasons For Hair Loss During Pregnancy

A womens body not only goes through a range of physical changes that affect her appearance while she is pregnant, her mind is also affected which can alter her mental state. Loss of hair is one physical change that commonly occurs during a womens pregnancy. So hair loss issues are something lots of women have to face right after giving birth and this hair loss can have a negative affect on a females self esteem. Hair loss problems are the last thing a women wants to have to deal straight after the birth of a child. Therefore a lot of women end up cutting all their hair off because they find trying to cope with the hair loss as well as a new born baby more than they can handle at the same time.

Your hair usually goes through three stages.The anagen stage which is the hair follicles growing stage and usually occurs over 2-3 years. The telogen stage which is the hair follicles resting stage before it is due to shed and usually lasts around about 3 months. The catagen stage that is a brief transition stage that happens in between the anagen and the telogen stage and usually lasts around about 2-3 weeks. Hair loss occurs in men and women when hairs are prematurely pushed into the telogen phase and the physical and mental changes females go through during pregnancy are things that can cause this to happen. There are also other reasons that can cause hair loss to occur during womens pregnancy.

Another common cause of hair loss during a womens pregnancy is because the extreme physical and mental changes she suffers from while pregnant, can have a very negative affect on her hormones (estrogen and progesterone) which can cause her to shed less hair every day during her pregnancy than she would usually shed on a day to day basis. This will cause her hair to get extremely dense on her head while she is pregnant which will cause the strands of hair to get brittle, making them easily damaged and broken. So when the womens physical appearance and mind start going back to to their normal state after she has given birth so do her hormones. This causes her damaged hair to enter into the telogen phase prematurely and begin shedding. Though this hair loss will seem to be severe there is no need to panic, because the majority of time hair will start regrowing normally again, though on rare occassions permanent hair loss can result from it. Hair loss can also be caused the loss of nutrients to her body when a female is breastfeeding her baby.

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