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Factors Restricting the Development of LED Industry

High Product Price of LED Industry
Our country launched "Ten thousand ten cities" LED energy-saving plan last year, at present, there are already 42 cities included in the program. However, besides decorative LED lighting has gradually gained popularity, the vast majority of LED general lighting applications are also limited to government demonstration project. The main reason of difficulty marketing promotion is mainly due to the high price of led tube lights t8. The cost of chip in LED products accounted for 30% or even higher, while China's high-end LED chips mainly rely on imports, the price is higher, which causes the high prices of the same illumination brightness LED lighting products, there is no more attraction for ordinary consumers.

Fierce Competition LED Industry
The number of China's LED industry enterprise is extremely large, and the whole has made great progress, but enterprise scale is generally small, and lack of leading enterprises. LED access threshold is lower while market competition is fierce. So far, there are 1950 LED packaging companies with less than 530 pieces of new products; the number of LED street lamp enterprises is over 300, the products are basically at the stage of mutual mimicry. The lack of a benchmark brand makes the enterprise scale difficult to grow. Cultivating leading
led tube light manufacturers and speeding up the construction of its own brand are imminent. The patented technology is an important means for the world's leading LED manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage and to maintain market share. Domestic LED patented technology is imperfect, due to the lack of the principle of the patent, and in addition, the products are blockaded by the patent and export. With LED technology’s continuous improvement following Moore's Law, the costs are reduced, application fields are greatly expanded and the market space is doubled.

Standards and Testing Methods of LED Industry
LED industry’s healthy development is inseparable from the technology and product standards, but the rapid development of new industry technology brings the common problem of the detection technology and standards development, at present, products lack of industry standards, the quality varies greatly, all these greatly dampen market confidence and enthusiasm. On the other hand, government attaches great importance to LED industry and vigorously promotes the product demonstration and application. In summary, the dilemma faced by the LED industry in China need to be cracked from the industrial development strategy. This is because LED industry not only has the characteristics of with emerging industries, but also is involved in the two areas of the semiconductor and traditional electric light, and the course of its development has the inherent law, if only pursue the foreign individual advanced technical indicators, even the huge investment may also result in the balanced industrial development of various aspects.

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