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Order Taking – How Properly Trained Reps Make a Big Difference

Order taking – it’s about so much more than just plugging orders in that arrive via telephone. It’s about being excited about products. It’s about imbuing that electricity to the customers who are phoning in to purchase those items. And it’s also about up selling, cross selling and ultimately: increasing overall sales. Find out how properly trained reps make all the difference in the world when it comes to order taking in this article.

Up Selling & Cross Selling

Up selling and cross selling are key elements to the order taking process. Customers that call in for one product will generally be interested in several other products that are very closely related and that offer similar features and functions. Many marketing campaigns hinge on the fact that every prequalified lead that’s phoning in is also capable of being converted to another sale, thus exponentially increasing return on investment for the seller. This incremental order taking process has the propensity to super charge sales and profits.

Product Mastery

What is product mastery? Why it’s knowing everything that there is to know about a product. For example, when there’s a product that you love using – no matter what that product might be – generally if another person were to ask you about that product, you’d have plenty of well informed answers. If you are especially fond of the product, you will know all of the delightful features that you like the most with that product and why. This is a great example of product mastery. With order taking, you want to ensure that the staff that’s representing your product and sales campaign is as enthusiastic and as knowledgeable as you would be. This way they can effortlessly sell that product to eager consumers by demonstrating true mastery of it and its associated cadres.

Communication Skills

One final notation to make with the best order taking service is that they are also excellent communicators. Communication is the key and does make a vast difference in whether consumers rollick at the notion of being sold the product they are happily buying – and or being up sold or cross sold to or not. Such skill sets can make the difference between small and large sales, and ultimately can have a significant impact upon the bottom line of any marketing campaign. Properly trained reps are seasoned sales vets, and they ensure that the proper time is taken to master their product lines in order to facilitate high volume sales consistently.


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