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Top 5 Destinations for Back Office Outsourcing Services

The recent depression in the business world has been one of the worst ones in the history and has affected every business segment. However, the outsourcing industry has actually been boosted from it. This happened because organizations were not able to sustain and perform various non-core business activities which they were doing earlier by themselves. Most of the back office services fall under this category.

It soon became clear to organizations that they need to adopt outsourcing methodology for these requirements as it helped them to significantly lower their overhead operating costs. The boom in this industry segment has attracted many service providers from various countries. Some of these countries are performing better than others and provide enhanced services to clients as compared to other countries.

Mentioned below are top 5 countries for back office outsourcing services and call center services .

1. India: India is the biggest player in this industry. The vendors from this location offer top-notch services in all the segments of call center industry. The main reason behind India leadership is the availability of highly talented and expert resources at very low prices. Most of the countries suffer with the problem of resource scarcity which automatically increases their service charges. India on the other hand has rich pool of resources for every requirement. Apart from this, the country has a well developed infrastructure and facilities for running businesses. The government also supports these vendors and encourages more vendors to setup their business here.

2. China: Another big player in this industry is china who is favored by the fact that it has the largest population in the world. This has presented them with very cheap labor which allows them to provide very low costing services to their clients. However, the BPO industry in china is usually ranked very low in terms of language and cultural compatibility.

3. Australia: Australia is another favorite destination for organizations.It offers a very high standard infrastructure and other facilities.The security and privacy issues are taken very seriously and the government also supports this industry. However, the asking price of vendors around here is usually very high.

4. New Zealand: Just like Australia, New Zealand also offers a great infrastructure, data security, government policies, cultural benefits and globalization factor. However, the cost of their services is also very high and is not suitable for small businesses.

5. Singapore: This is one of the most stable and high-tech cities in the world. The world-class infrastructure and top-notch facilities make it an ideal place for customer support and back office outsourcing services. Malaysia has made big efforts to make this a world class city where every business wants to have an office.

These are the top 5 destinations for outsourcing back office services. Each has some advantages that make it suitable for a particular service. For example, services such as data entry and form processing .


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