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Why Choosing a Poorly Managed Customer Service Center Will Turn Customers Away

We’ve all been there before. You know,the one on the phone…calling into a customer service call center to receive customer service.Think about the last time you had to phone a company about a product or service you were using,how would you rate your overall experience? Was the customer service rep helpful,understanding and attentive to your needs? Were they soft spoken, friendly and did they take care of the matter,or resolve the dispute? Did you have to wait on hold for more than a few minutes before your call was answered? How did you feel after the call had concluded? After the fact, what did you think about the company? Were you satisfied or unsatisfied? These are all common integers that factor into the overall customer experience,something that either drives loyalty and retention, or greatly detracts from it.What follows are a few of the top reasons why a poorly managed customer service center will actually turn away customers in troves.

Inattentive Reps – This is, perhaps,one the most commonly expressed grievances of a bad customer service center.If the rep is not able to offer inbound callers their devoted attention, callers will become frustrated,and quickly.A poor customer service call center doesn’t have the right people working the phones,and this generally results in a bad service experience for the customer.

Inadequate Speaking Skills – It is not uncommon for companies to outsource their customer service call center to shave down on overhead costs.While there are plenty of excellent outsourcing services,it’s rather easy to deduce when a company used a shoddy and cheap service in favor of spending fewer dollars.The biggest sign here are thick accents and a poor grasp of the English language.

Poorly Compensated Employees – A customer service call center will only be as efficient as the employees who staff the phones and the center.The best customer service call center will handsomely compensate its employees with a highly competitive benefits package.This is important because appropriately compensated employees equates to harder working and dedicated reps that are compassionate about their occupations.

How this Affects Your Customers
Ask yourself these following questions:
Do you want your customer satisfaction ratings to skyrocket or plummet?
Do you want disputes resolved or retention and loyalty rates to dwindle?
Do you want to know that quality control comes foremost or secondary?
How important is the image of your company?
Did you know that an unsatisfied customer can tell dozens of people about their bad experience with your entity?
Is it worth paying a little bit more to ensure that a high quality customer service center is helping to resolve disputes,assist customers and accurately reflect the positive image you have striven so diligently to create?

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