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Continuous Self Improvement

On a daily basis, we nourish our body by giving it food but unfortunately we do not nourish our opportunity to improve our status. Someone once said “many are willing to improve their circumstances but are not willing to improve themselves.” Little do they realize it is almost impossible.

There is only one difference between a river and a lake. A river flows while a lake is stagnant. This single difference however has given birth to may children
A river is useful to man, Many people take their bath and even swim in it whereas no one does so in a lake. Some people depend solely on the river for survival because a river accommodates fishes which can be sold meanwhile no living organism can thrive in a lake because it does not support life. A lake stinks and even serves as a dumping site whereas a river never stink and when people dump refuse in it, it carries the refuse away.
When we improve ourselves regularly, we become rivers and when we do not, we become lakes. As one who is a river, people would always want to relate with us because they know we would add value to them, people would be comfortable to delegate responsibility to us whereas if we are lakes no one would be comfortable to delegate responsibilities to us in fact we would be avoided.

A river supports life so also we would be of great importance to our organization, family, school and the society as a whole which would facilitate our upward and forward movement in life whereas if we are lakes we would be parasites. Parasites are unwanted.
As rivers we would be in position of relevance and importance but lakes would be thrown into irrelevant corners. As rivers we would always rule over the lakes.

As rivers, we are too good to be ignored or rough-handled and if for any reason we are, we have great potentials to move to another place. In fact, we are in great demand and so our mobility is visible but as lakes when we are maltreated, we accept it because we know this is the best place we can be besides it is not easy out there. The best lakes can do is feel miserable.

There is the story of a man who was working in a wood cutting industry. He had been working there for five years and every year he got a rise in salary by ten percent.
A young man was employed and in three months his salary was doubled. When the old wood cutter realized this, he went to ask his boss why such a small boy should earn more than he was earning. The boss replied “every day, you cut between twenty to twenty- five woods and that is what you have been doing in the last five years but that young man cuts an extra wood on what he cuts daily. Yesterday he did cut forty four, today, I am positive he would cut forty five and because we are an organization that pays according to productivity, we have plans to increase his salary.” The old wood cutter angrily left his boss and went to cut with so much rage and aggression but unfortunately he was getting same result. Frustrated with his result, he took the young man out for a dinner and asked him “how come you cut more and more woods every day?” the young man said “when I finish cutting a tree, I spend a minute to sharpen my axe” when last did you sharpen your axe? Past achievement, past knowledge they are not enough for today’s ever changing and dynamic world, we need to constantly improve ourselves.

Let us constantly improve ourselves. Attend seminars, call a consultant to help you out, go back to school. It is too unhealthy to be stagnant in any aspect of life like a lake.

To look presentable, we dust and /or polish our shoes when going for an occasion, why then do we leave ourselves dusty, unpolished, unrefined, unseasoned and un-presentable by not improving ourselves? Go improve yourself!!!


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