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Are You Experiencing the Indications of Early Pregnancy

If you are a married woman then sometimes you may feel – “Am I pregnant?” It is not the story of a single woman, because it goes in the mind of an every woman of the world. In the earlier days, when there were no testing devices to check pregnancy, it was the symptoms that a woman used to predict pregnancy most often. The world has changed and we are blessed with technically advanced medical tools to confirm pregnancy, but before getting checked, you might predict your pregnancy, after analyzing its common symptoms. The symptoms may vary from one woman to another, but in most of the cases they are found to be the same.

Are you aware of the fact that early signs of pregnancy highly matters? It is always beneficial to confirm your pregnancy, before a missed period as it helps you to get ready for the upcoming baby and also helps you to avoid unwanted pregnancy. There are many symptoms of pregnancy that you can analyze and get an obvious idea that you might be pregnant. If the symptoms are positive, then you need to consult a doctor immediately, in order to confirm your pregnancy. Becoming a mother is the dream of an every married woman but at times these early signs of pregnancy may also help you to avoid the complexities of the unwanted pregnancy. carewhenpregnant is a blog to find ideas about pregnancy

Some of the Early Signs of Pregnancy

Some of the early signs of pregnancy that mat occur even before a missed period, are as follows:

Breast Tenderness and Nipple Enlargement: If you experience an increase in the breast size, breast tenderness, darkening of areola, and nipple enlargement, then it is possible that you might be pregnant.

Increase in Basal Body Temperature: The increase in the basal body temperature up to one-half one degree may be the warning that you are pregnant, and this happens due to the ovulation process, which takes place 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

Nausea and Vomiting: Nausea or vomiting (also called as morning sickness) may be one of the warning to let you know that you might be pregnant. Although, it is not found in every pregnant woman, it is the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Constipation: The hormone changes takes place rapidly, when a woman is pregnant and due to this reason there are several changes that takes place in their body. The changes in the level of progesterone makes the movement of the food slower through digestive system and this might result in constipation, in a pregnant woman. Although, constipation can occur due to other physical conditions, but if you are sexually active and facing constipation, then it’s the time to get alert.

The early symptoms of pregnancy have been mentioned above. Go through the symptoms and if you are experiencing it, then it’s the time to move to your doctor’s clinic. To know more about facts of pregnancy see the blog named as careformothers.

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