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The Usefulness of an ECG Device

One of the most commonly used methods to diagnose heart conditions is through electrocardiogram, a test aided by an ECG device. Physicians usually recommend patients to undergo this test after a comprehensive physical exam. The machine will provide relevant information about heart rhythm which is needed for a more precise evaluation of heart problems. Nowadays, the testing can be done in various ways. One is when the patient is lying relaxed on an examination table with electrodes attached to certain parts of the body, and the other can be done while a patient is performing some sort of light activities or exercises. The objective of these is for the machine to record waves of the electric impulses of the heart when the patient is relaxed or is doing an actual activity.

The typical ECG or EKG machine is big and bulky. Often, they are only found and used at hospitals or diagnostic laboratories. But today, through modernization and the development of technology, the latest devices are now smaller and lighter in size. Do not underestimate the power of these handheld electrocardiographs, they can still perform the functions of the traditional machines. However, it is suggested not to put your your health on the graphs and results of these devices. They too have limitations. There are some abnormalities which they cannot detect. You can consult your doctor or health professional to recommend additional screenings.

To better understand these portable machines, let us identify their functions first. Through the electrodes placed on the skin of the patients, the ECG device is able to assess the symptoms of heart disease. The presence of irregular heartbeats is also detected. These arrhythmias often lead to chest pains. Similarly, it is also able to identify possible signs of coronary artery disease. In such case where in the patient already has a heart disease and is currently taking medicines, using pacemakers or automatic defibrillators, electrocardiograms can determine the effectiveness of such treatments.

Moreover, doctors can also find great use for EKG machines. They can easily assess atrial fibrillation also known as abnormal heart rhythm wherein the heart beat is either faster or slower than the normal pace. Also, if there are plaque build ups within the arteries, and there may be irregular pumping of blood from the heart, this can also be seen. Additionally, heart birth defects, unusual heart muscle size, and problems within the heart valves are also detected.

For those who want a more handy and convenient ECG device, using mobile applications that offer features such as the functions of ECG machines are also available today. Iphone apps as well as Android apps can be bought and downloaded to phones and hand-held devices. However, try to make sure if their results are really accurate and reliable. Try to ask your doctor or a health professional about such types of applications. It is also better to still seek professional help in this kind of tests. Try to have it repeated using the traditional machines in the presence of a doctor or a laboratory technician.


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