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Top Alor Beaches

Have you thought about where you want to go? If you have thought about it then your first choice is probably a beach. Why travel out of the country though? The Alor Island has plenty of places that you can visit and have a blast. This point will look at a few of the beaches that are available in Alor. This vast region has plenty to offer depending on the type of vacation that you are planning.

Mali Beach is known as one of the world's safest beaches. There is virtually no undertow and the water is shallow for beach goers to enjoy. One can spend the day walking up to 10 Km to the Mali beach.

With its smoldering Volcanoes reaching down into clear waters fringed with pristine coral reefs, coconut fringed pure white sandy beaches and traditional villages built half way up mountains, the scenery is as spectacular above as it is below the waterline. Alor Island is so mountainous that it is almost impossible to pass from one side to the other and many of the villages on the island itself can only transport themselves via small wooden ferries. The 8 distinct dialects and more than 50 sub-dialects spoken today, testifies to the diversity on Alor.

Alor traditional culture has been influenced over the ages by the Indian, Chinese and Javanese traders as well as by the Islamic and Christian religions. This can be seen in the silk thread woven into the original weavings and the mix of Mosques and Christian churches dotted throughout the Island. The traditional dances, the motifs of the Ikats weavings and the architectural style vary greatly from area to area. With more than a dozen traditional villages within one hour’s drive from the capital Kalabahi - Alor is a cultural tourist’s heaven.

Maimol beach also offers visitors a rich historical background. In fact, the Island is often referred to as "Island of Magic"

This is not magic from Kristo but this is real review from travelers:

"Adrienne May from Australia:"Enjoyed seeing the Manta Rays, Sharks, Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, and that huge Napoleon Wrasse."

“Michael AW photographer from Singapore, A World class diving! Karl’s Dream is to be dived again and again and again... of all my underwater sojourns, Alor is among the best!”

“Helen Roberts from England, We saw hue Sunfish, Reef Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Dog-tooth Tuna, Barracuda and loads of beautiful Reef Fish all in just three dives.

This entire Island has lots to offer travelers of all ages. When planning you trip is it important to look at travel guides, learn what you want most out of your vacation, and then pack a place from there that peaks your interest. Also, remember that weather can be very temperamental along the coast and travel insurance will help make sure you are covered for anything during your trip.

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