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2012 Indonesia Vacation Tips

When planning a Indonesia vacation, all the factors such as your Indonesia accommodation, transportation and food should be considered. You can save some money by booking an all-inclusive Indonesia vacation package. All inclusive vacations include the cost of lodging, meals, attractions, and transportation all in one price. Such an all-inclusive Indonesia vacation helps your vacation to be more of a pleasure and less trouble and at the same time it will also help you save some time and money.

Where Do You Want to Go Indonesia Vacation?

Start your vacation planning with a list of the places you want to go. Do not just limit your plans to the obvious Indonesia destinations like Bali or Dewata; take the time to search the Internet for less popular but equally as beautiful and exciting locales. The Nancy region of Sumba, Alor’s Kenari Islands or Kalabahi's unspoiled region are just some you may want to consider. They might not be as well known as other destinations but if you are seeking relaxation and an authentic taste of rustic Indonesia culture, these are great options.

Then again, you may be interested in visiting Indonesia in order to see some of the most important historic sites the region across the Alor Region has to offer. In that case, Alor will definitely be part of your itinerary and a trip to Indonesia would be a great option.

Once you have made up your mind which destinations are best for you and your family, you will know which airports you want to fly into. Now you can set an Internet alert to let you know when the airfare to your desired destination is within your budget range. You may also want to sign up for alerts for deeply discounted, last minute travel bargains.

If you are planning on doing a country-hopping tour of Indonesia, do be aware that the price of vehicle fuel overseas is exorbitant. Rather than rent a car, plan to take public transportation such as ferries, tour buses or the like. In addition, do check with your hotel to see if airport transfers are included in the rate. You do not want to be stuck in the airport parking lot without transportation to your accommodations!

Be Prepared Your Indonesia Vacation

Of course, you must have a passport in order to travel to Indonesia. It's going to take some time for your passport paperwork to be processed so if you don't already have a passport, give yourself a few months before planning to leave the country unless you want to pay the extra fee for expedited delivery.

Depending on your destination, you might want to invest in a book or Smartphone app with common phrase translations. Remember that if you are visiting some of the smaller Indonesia towns or regions that not everyone will speak English.

Use the Internet to find out what the weather will be like during your visit. Always plan for anything to happen, weather-wise. You never know when a rainstorm will hot things down and make you long for a hat or a sudden heat wave will have you wishing for lighter clothes. Plan on anything and pack accordingly.

Travel insurance is a good idea, especially if you are planning an Indonesia vacation that costs several thousands of dollars. You never know what might prevent you from realizing your plans, especially these days when weather catastrophes and civil unrest are common. Pay for your trip with your credit card so that if any disputes arise, the amount will be refunded, at least temporarily, while the issue is resolved.

Are you ready to hit the airport parking lot and wait for a plane to whisk you off to an exotic Indonesia locale? This could be the year that you enjoy the most memorable vacation of your life!


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