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Just A Few Simple Steps To Make Packing For Your Indonesia Holiday Much Easier

At one point or another, we have all suffered from making a series of bad packing decisions. Don't you regret that time you threw three pairs of shoes in your bag when a trusty pair of trainers would have sufficed? What about the holiday that turned to hell when you had to lug a 25kg suitcase around the unfamiliar underground system? Changing your packing habits is a small but significant step towards better enjoying your time away.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to pack light as such. Come evening, a sturdy jumper and trousers will come in handy in most countries, and both take up space. What's more, recently released 2012 travel trend forecasts reveal Flores and Sumba are among the year’s top tourism destinations. Neither known for their Unspoiled environment, Exotic and genuine culture, Breathtaking panoramic, warmth and hospitality it seems travelers are increasingly choosing places where bathers, light T-shirts, skirts, and shorts just will not cut it for most of the year.

Fortunately, a few careful considerations can save the day. Before throwing the entire contents of your wardrobe into your suitcase, think about the nature of the trip you are about to take. Is it business-related? Will you be attending any events that might require clothing that is more formal? Are you likely to be spending lots of time outdoors in the idyllic beach?

What thing to do in Sumba?

Sumba Island with its megalithic stone tombs, its traditional high roofed houses, and its outstanding Ikats weavings is one of the most culturally interesting regions of East Nusa Tenggara. Here village life, complete with time enduring burial rituals, strict social structures and their unique architectural style has survived through the ages. If you want to see traditional culture which has been unaffected by western influences then a trip to Sumba is a must.

The Island itself appears as a barren and inhospitable place on first appearance, but it is blessed with rocky highlands giving breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline where near deserted white sandy beaches stretch on to the horizon. The warmth and hospitality of Sumba can be found in the people of Sumba with their incredibly rich culture, their unique architecture, and their primitive but orderly way of life. Take a journey back in time and marvel at a people who can produce exquisite ikat weavings, monumental monolithic burial sites, and spectacular houses from such a seemingly barren land.

Probably the most well known cultural event in Indonesia, the Pasola is still performed today in West Sumba by hundreds of spear throwing combatants charging at their opponents through an open field, a truly unbelievable spectacle. According to tradition, the Pasola must be preceded by the catching of the Nyale (sea worms) which occurs in February in Kodi & Lamboya and March in Wanukaka. The exact time is 6 days before the full moon. Take the time and make the effort to get to one of this action packed events, it will be the highlight of your trip.

After you have soaked in all the culture, seen the Pasola action, and purchased your Ikats, why not relax in one of the two rustic beach side bungalow resorts in East Sumba. They are located right on the beach and offer surfing, game fishing, snorkeling and bird watching. The beaches are near deserted so it is easy to feel like Robinson Crusoe as you wander down the near endless stretches of pure white sand - then you understand why we say that Sumba is the destination of contrasts.

Remember to evaluate each item before leaving space for it in your suitcase. Ask yourself whether the material is appropriate for the climate you are travelling to and if you will have the chance to wear it more than once. It is also worth finding out whether your hotel provides a laundry service. These things considered, you might be on the way to your most comfortable holiday yet.

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