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Top Reasons Why West Timor, Timor Island Perfect Escape To Paradise

West Timor or Timor Island, by reputation alone, promises a distinctively superior island getaway for traveling parties of every size, age, and interest. However, what are some of the specific characteristics of this Province; Travelers who have personally experienced this region recognize that the list is virtually endless. However, here are the top Reasons most compelling reasons West Timor or Timor Island vacation makes for a perfect island getaway for every traveling dynamic.

#4: Crystal Blue Water: Not surprisingly, tourists embarking on a tropical holiday want to find themselves surrounded by fresh, clean blue waves. West Timor or Timor Island vacation certainly does not disappoint. Hugging the gorgeous Lasiana Beach of West Timor, this Indonesian paradise offers tourists an abundance of sparkling turquoise waters.

#3: Exotic and genuine culture: Timor island due to its centralization has many examples of every traditional art form available from this region. The timber carvings in the region were original carved as tokens to the animistic gods previously worshipped by the people before they were converted to Christianity. The majority of carvings originate from the Belu district of Central Timor. The Ikats weavings vary enormously from district to district throughout East Nusa Tenggara, each with its own exclusive motif and distinctive colors.

#2: Unspoiled Environment: West Timor has been well established amongst the world diving community as the place to go. Timor offers some of the most interesting diving opportunities in the region, including freshwater caves, wreck and big fish diving around the off shore Islands. Timor Island, along with Rote and Sumba are fast becoming known as the Game Fishing capital of Eastern Indonesia.

#1: Tourist Attraction: No island getaway is complete without a visit to some of the area's lovely Lasiana Beach. Not surprisingly, this unique destination has a world-recognized reputation for its amazing West Timor. Timor Island or West Timor with its capital Kupang is the administrative and cultural center of Nusa Tenggara Timur. This is the starting point, the hub and the springboard for your adventure tour of the region as well as having an abundance of tourist attractions itself. Explore the nearby off shore Islands of Semau or Kera, visit the sacred houses of Belu, explore the limestone caves, dive, swim, visit the Museum or just relax on any of the many palm fringed white sandy beaches found throughout the Island.

It is easy to see why these specific top reasons top the list of why West Timor or Timor Island vacation proves an ideal island getaway. What may prove difficult is managing your time appropriately to make sure you can squeeze in all the fun and festivities during your trip!


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