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Business Networking Tips

There is a maxim in the business world, "Network or not work." A growing number of professional networking efforts are a manifestation of putting this maxim to practice. One of the major keys to networking is communication. The importance of communication can never be denied in any walk of life, particularly when it comes to dealing with business. One of the most effective communication tools in the corporate world is a business card! Are you heading to a local or regional "TweetUp" or perhaps a LinkedIn get together where you'll be able to meet potential clients, partners, and customers? If so, you need to ensure that your business cards are up to date with accurate information and are visually appealing to the people that you meet. Whether you are using it to expand your professional network or for establishing new working relationships, a business card says a lot about you and your business before you verbally introduce yourself.

Just as planning is necessary for every step in growing your business, planning for what type of business card you want to design is critical as well. To begin with, you should have an idea of a background you want, which type of font style you like, and how you want your information displayed on the card. Do you have a company logo or do you want to have a picture of yourself or your business on your card? If so, you have the option of uploading your logo or photo and placing wherever you wish on your card while you're using the Card Editor to create it. Don't forget about the back of your business card! Use it to print a message, a coupon, or directions to your business. Don't be afraid to get creative with the backside of your business card. This is valuable advertising space for your company - take advantage of it and use it. Printing on the back of your card can be vital in disseminating company information at networking events big and small.

QR Codes are a new emerging technology trend that is finding its way onto business cards too. QR Codes can be an extremely effective, visually appealing way to make a statement at your next business networking event. QR Codes are eye catching and you can pack them full of information about you, your company, a specific product or whatever you wish - the sky's the limit. Card recipients can easily scan your QR code with their smartphone and immediately learn more about your company or save your contact information directly in their address book.

Whether you're attending a Chamber of Commerce function, a Rotary luncheon, or participating in a social media driven networking event, it's important to have an up to date, usable and effective business card that you can place into the hands of potential customers as you meet them.

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