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Do Celebrities Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Society?

It would not be unfair to say that today's world is saturated with celebrity related news and gossip. We have access to the very latest news in the world of celebrity via various different mediums. Daily news bulletins on the radio and the television feature sections that specifically focus on celebrity gossip so that we can keep up to date wherever we are. Newsagent magazine racks are positively groaning under the weight of glossy celebrity magazines that are on the market. But is our obsession with celebrity a healthy one?

Essentially, celebrities are strangers to us so why do we feel like we need to know everything about their lifestyles? Young people look at celebrities and think that they have it all; money, good looks and a seemingly perfect lifestyle. In fact, it is a lifestyle that most of us can only dream of. We want to live their lives but the possibility is so far out of our reach that obsession and fascination turn into something that resembles god-like worship. Nowadays, there is even a medical term for extreme obsession with celebrity: celebrity worship syndrome. It is defined as an obsessive interest in famous people, be it one celebrity in particular or all famous people.

In general all human beings are naturally curious, especially in other people's lives. The rise in social networking sites has fuelled our interest in what other people are doing with their lives and now things like Twitter mean that we can follow our favourite celebrities on a daily basis. People who have an extreme interest in the lives of celebrities often find that they have something lacking in their own lives and use celebrity news as a way of filling a void in their lives. This is usually only in extreme cases, the most common reason for interest in celebrity gossip is simple human curiosity.

Some people idolise celebrities not just because of their talents and money but also because of their looks. The perfection that is portrayed by the media is an unrealistic goal for many of us. It places great pressure on the general public to feel like they have to be more perfect in order to live the sort of lives that they aspire to live. The quest for perfection can be very unhealthy and can lead to frustration, depression and even health complications. The media is responsible for the pictures that they publish which are highly airbrushed giving the public a false impression of perfection that is unrealistic to aspire to.

However, whenever a celebrity scandal breaks the amount of interest rockets. We are always waiting to see if celebrities are going to make mistakes and mess up their seemingly perfect lives. After all, celebrities are only human. There is a breed of celebrity who are very good examples of mothers, fathers, successful business people and charity givers. Some even shy away from the media spotlight, instead preferring to keep their private lives exactly that, private. As you will find people in the public sphere who have problems with drugs and alcohol or have dysfunctional relationships, you will also find these sorts of people in the limelight. The only difference is that the problem is magnified by a hundred. Some celebrities may even have developed problems as a result of sudden or prolonged exposure to the fickle world of fame.

It is worth remembering that stars who behave in an inappropriate manner are often shown to receive some sort of punishment, whether it is loss of income or loss of an endorsement. Therefore, if bad behaviour is publically punished can we really see celebrities as bad role models? In this way, celebrities set a good example of how not to act and what not to do. We can learn from the public mistakes of celebrities. Good behaviour and talent are rewarded in award shows and critical acclaims that set a positive and an inspirational example of how to work towards your goals.

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