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Is a Hosted PBX Really Worth It?

Why is everybody talking about hosted PBX and VoIP services? Are these telephone services really worth all this chatter? In most cases yes, they really are.

So what is a PBX system anyway? PBX stands for private branch exchange. It is a piece of equipment that can be installed into an office building for example, and has multiple phone lines coming in. An operator needs to be posted at the PBX equipment or switchboard to answer the incoming calls. Therefore, this type of PBX system requires trained knowledge to operate, and a live person to attend to it.

Contrarily, a virtual or hosted PBX system does not need any software or hardware to be maintained and it does not require a live operator in order to function properly. Instead, a PBX service provider maintains the system, and the incoming calls are routed from the hosted PBX directly to your telephone without any sharing of lines. The magic all happens over a high-speed internet connection.

Hosted PBX systems can be especially attractive to small business as the start-up cost and cost to operate and maintain is so very low. Instead of needing expensive telephone equipment, a virtual PBX system operates over the existing private network or internet connection belonging to the business. All that is needed is a virtual PBX provider to make the connection and switch it "on". As a small business grows, business VoIP can be upgraded using a wide array of call features.

As previously stated, hosted PBX systems typically have a very low initial start-up cost, primarily because no special PBX hardware or software is needed on the business premises. Upgrades are instant, low cost and require minimal maintenance and technical support. In some cases, free calling between extensions, regardless of geographic location is available, as is real-time access to your PBX hosted system through the internet no matter where you are in the world.

Another advantage of the virtual hosted PBX is that it allows you to route your calls to any number, cell or land-line anywhere in the world, regardless of distance. Furthermore, charges for a hosted PBX system are based upon the number of users. For example, you can increase or decrease the capacity of your system whenever your business needs require, and you will pay for only what you use.

A hosted PBX system has another advantage over a traditional

PBX system and that is that traditional PBX has the capacity to handle only a limited number of incoming calls depending on the number of lines installed in the equipment. If too many calls come in, the caller may receive a busy signal and take their business elsewhere. Upgrading, to add more incoming lines on a traditional PBX system is expensive and may require additional equipment. But virtual PBX systems handle more incoming lines than any existing conventional system can handle. The caller almost never hears a busy signal, and if they ever do, then increasing your hosted PBX capacity is easy to do.

Not all virtual PBX systems are the same. There are many choices available for you to choose from, particularly as relates to call features. If you are looking for a hosted PBX provider, do some research before making a commitment and make sure you work with a reputable company.

Contrarily, a virtual or hosted PBX system does not need any software or hardware to be maintained and it does not require a live operator in order to function properly. Instead, a.... Learn more at hosted pbx and small business


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