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A Modern Guide to Shower Enclosures

This article will explain the benefits and the features of a shower enclosure and a steam shower enclosure, giving you more information to help with your buying decision.

Steam Shower Enclosures

In today's market place the selection of bathroom products has never been more abundant. There is a vast range of different kinds on the market and also a smaller range of the lesser known steam shower enclosures. Many people ask what a steam shower enclosure is, as they have never seen one before. They act as a steam room and a shower; they also have many other added features which will be mentioned soon.

Having a steam shower enclosure in your house may sound like a desirable thing, and rightly so! These little gems can be likened to a spa retreat in your very own house! If you have a steam shower enclosure in your bathroom there is no need to pay 40 for a spa day, no need to travel, all you need to do is walk into your very own bathroom! It's this luxury convenience, the saleability they add to the house and the vast health benefits that are making steam shower enclosures more and more popular amongst homeowners and apartment owners alike. They often have a radio, foot massager, overhead light, overhead shower, handheld shower, steam function and body jets. Others have the ability to connect your CD or MP3 player and have ozone to sterilize the shower enclosure after use. Maybe the only thing a steam shower enclosure can't do is clean your dishes, however reflecting on it, they would do a pretty good job at that too!

Benefits of a steam shower enclosure:

1. Add saleability to your house
2. Good for your health
3. A great retreat from the hustle and bustle of life
4. Packed with nifty features
5. Often has a seat

A new steam shower enclosure can easily replace an existing bathtub or shower enclosure in your bathroom. Replacing your bath with a steam shower enclosure will make your bathroom feel a lot more spacious and inviting. If you still want a shower and a bath, this is a very viable option. Di Vapor provides steam showers which also have bathtubs on them. Therefore you can enjoy the opulence of a whirlpool bath, overhead shower, handheld shower and a steam room all in one unit. These fantastic steam shower enclosures with whirlpool baths are very reasonably priced, designed to go into an ordinary bathroom, turning if from ordinary into extraordinary.

Shower Enclosures

On the other hand is the standard shower enclosure. Standard shower enclosures aren't as lavish as the steam kinds however their simplicity is desirable. They have a very clean uncluttered minimalist look which is important to some people. They are also cheaper than a steam shower enclosure which is also a buying decision for some people. Shower and steam shower enclosures are available in many different shapes and sizes; therefore you should have a problem finding one which suits your needs, whichever way you go.

Benefits of a shower enclosure

1. Low cost
2. Simple and clean

When making your buying decision you need to weigh up all the benefits a steam shower enclosure would give you as opposed to those of a shower enclosure.


You can't go wrong whether you choose a shower or a steam shower enclosure. If you have the money, a steam shower would be a fantastic choice: It will definitely add that special something to your home and enhance your bathing experience.


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